Anon asked 4 years ago

Hello.  i have questions hopeyou can help
i am engaged and my fiance was previously married (marriage annulled). he has grown children but they do not practice the faith.  this bothers me and i feel like it will interfere with our life as a married couple.  what advice can you give?
thank you

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Nate Guyear Staff answered 4 years ago

First, I am sincerely sorry for not answering this sooner.  I don’t recall receiving an email notification that someone posted a question.  Regardless, thank you for you question!
Second, I’m glad your fiancé obtained a declaration of nullity for his previous marriage.  The spiritual parity between you and your fiancé is priceless and will continue to be priceless when the difficult times arise. 
Regarding his children, my wife has two wonderful children who do not practice the faith, but they live relatively good lives and we occasionally discuss the faith with them.  My advice is to ask your husband to be the point man for discussing the faith with his children.  He should look for windows of opportunity to discuss these issues.  If he tries to go direct without some kind of opening, they will not receive his message kindly and it may create a wedge between him and them.
You must focus on living a good Catholic Christian life and being a good example for them.  Don’t forget to pray and possibly fast for them on occasion if you feel called to do so.  Living the faith, being a good example, praying and fasting are absolutely necessary for another person’s conversion.  Plus, you grow closer to God in the mean time.  Essentially, practice patience and let God do His thing.  They’ll come around eventually.  Just don’t force it.  If you have any other questions, or a follow-up to my answer, feel free to reply anytime.