“Let’s Go, Brandon!”

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“Let’s go, Brandon!” has become a popular euphemism for a derogatory chant directed at President Joe Biden in 2021. It began in early October that year when NASCAR driver Brandon Brown won a race at Talladega. While a local news reporter was interviewing Brown immediately after his win, the crowd behind him shouted the derogatory chant. The news reporter then said, “As you can hear the chants from the crowd … ‘Let’s go, Brandon’,” but the chant was anything but “Let’s go, Brandon!” In a failed attempt to disguise the crowd’s clear words, the reporter created her own version of the chant.

Renaming and Reshaping Reality

This article is not about Biden or his policies. It is not even about crowds shouting derogatory chants at public sporting events across the nation. It is about the desire of many in our country to rename certain actions in ways that do not correspond with reality. These people despise reality so much that they are willing to lie, protest, riot, burn, curse, shout, sue, denigrate, defame, and assault anyone who does not agree with their demonic ideology.

I don’t use the word “demonic” casually. Satan is the father of lies, and the people who perpetuate these denials of reality do so with such anger and hatred that to say their deeds are purely human provocations is a severe understatement. One has only to watch a single episode of the mainstream media reporting to witness this vast distortion of reality.

Their postmodern  actions have become organized against truth, and their ideology has become influential at all levels of our society (e.g., government, education, media, commerce, and religion). Their goal is to destroy objective moral truths and reshape society according to their malevolent designs. The “Let’s go, Brandon” chant is simply a symptom of a much more sinister problem.

Postmodernism’s Lies

The following examples show some of postmodernism’s lies over the last century and their relationship to one another:

Lie 1: Sex is primarily about pleasure

In 1930, contracepting by married couples crept into mainstream Christianity through the Anglican Church. The contraceptive mentality denies the procreative and unitive purposes of sex. By denying these purposes, sex no longer needs to be reserved to the confines of marriage between one man and one woman. Sex within a contraceptive framework becomes an objectifying and mere hedonistic pursuit (pleasure for pleasure’s sake).

Lie 2: Fornication and divorce are morally licit

By reducing sex to a mere pleasure-seeking act, marriage became a less revered tradition. In the 1960s, divorce rates in America began to increase and marriage rates began to decrease. There has been a direct inverse proportion between the two since then. Although numerous factors contribute to these issues, contraception created an environment in which marriage became viewed as less virtuous and respected in our postmodern world. Additionally, the sexual revolution made fornication a “right” that no one must ever judge as immoral.

Lie 3: Abortion is not murder

By destroying marriage and responsible parenting within this God-designed framework, postmodernists began their cry for abortion rights. They often deny that abortion is murder and cloak this most vile act under the euphemisms of “women’s rights” and “women’s health.” Their mantra continues to be “My body, my choice.” The problem with this logic is that the baby’s body is not the woman’s body.  This should be clear to any objective thinker.

Lie 4: Homosexual “marriage” is real

By destroying the sexual act’s meaning and purpose, postmodernists have ushered in a gay revolution in which homosexual actions by people who suffer from same-sex attraction are legitimized and celebrated at all levels of society. Additionally, if sex is merely about pleasure, marriage can be defined as whatever the postmodern advocates and sympathetic government leaders say it is.

Lie 5: Men are women and women are men

If murdering the unborn is not really murder and homosexual “marriage” is real marriage, then confusing sex and gender is no big deal. If a man feels that he is a woman or a woman feels she is a man, then everyone must, according to postmodernists, accept this fantasy and use language that appeases these psychologically disturbed people. Rather than placating them, we should be encouraging them to get psychological and spiritual help.


All these heinous actions ultimately have their roots in moral relativism. Although relativism does not seek to outright deny morality, it relegates truth to individual feelings.  “Your truth is good for you. My truth is good for me.” By making our feelings rather than God and reality the purveyor of truth, relativism set the stage for postmodernism. Unfortunately, postmodernism has set the stage for atheism’s expansion, and atheism will set the stage, as it has in other cultures, for communism.

Our once great nation is being reduced to constant infighting and corruption rather than the common pursuit of good that once permeated our culture. The Greatest Generation will soon be a relic of our past and, I believe, the Worst Generation is growing strong amid a complacent, live-and-let-live society.

The Necessary Catholic Response

The Catholic response must be what it has always been. Learn, obey, and share the truth lovingly with others. The Catholic Church is the only institution on earth that has the fullness of unadulterated Truth in the realms of faith and morals. Someone might accuse me of boasting, but I will boast of Christ and His Church any day versus postmodernism with its superficial, contradictory, fantastical, and hedonistic worldview.

Every Catholic must pray, fast, and give alms. We must, according to our abilities, give our time, talent, and treasure to combat the Church’s enemies and build up the kingdom of God. If we do not glorify God at home, work, publicly, and privately, evil will overcome the world with even more vigor than we are now seeing.

So, here is my advice to all: passionately tell your families, friends, and coworkers about Christ and His one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Church. Make the Sign of the Cross and pray at every meal, even when eating in public. Volunteer at local charities. Teach at your parish. Work with your parish’s evangelization committee. If it does not have one, work with your pastor to create one. Most importantly, place all your trust in God and do the work to which He is calling you.

This article first appeared on Catholic Stand.