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Catholic Questions

Recently, I began answering questions for a website called Catholic Questions.  I have also asked a couple of questions in the past and can attest to their apologists’ thorough and faithful answers about the Catholic Church’s teachings.  I recently discussed this website with its founder, Jim Blackburn.

Conversation With the Founder
  • When did you create this site?

I started Catholic Questions in September of 2020.

  • Why did you create this site?

I was the supervisor of the Q&A department at Catholic Answers for ten years before becoming a freelance apologist, author, and speaker in 2014. Catholic Answers discontinued the Q&A department in 2020, so I started Catholic Questions to ensure that people continued to have a resource for personal, confidential assistance with their questions about the Catholic faith.

[It] is not officially associated with Catholic Answers, but we are close friends. Since I became a freelance apologist, I have continued to write articles and books for Catholic Answers, I have remained a member of the Catholic Answers Speakers Bureau, and I am still a regular guest on the Catholic Answers Live radio program for 18 years running. Catholic Questions is a sponsor of Catholic Answers Live, and our apostolate will appear at the Catholic Answers 10th Annual Conference in September 2024.

  • How many apologists do you currently have?

We currently have 7 apologists answering questions.

  • What is the typical response time from the moment your site receives a question?

We strive to answer every question we receive within one to two days. Sometimes we are able to answer questions on the day we receive them! Rarely, turn-around time exceeds two days, but we have never failed to answer a question (as far as we know!).

Searching For Answers?

We can all search the internet to find answers to our questions, but sometimes we want something with a little more depth and detail.  Or sometimes we just don’t feel like scrolling through site after site to find the precise answers to our questions.

So, if you find yourself in one of these situations, I highly encourage you to use Catholic Questions as your go-to resource for asking questions about the Catholic faith.  The apologists are very knowledgeable, and they are loyal to the Magisterium.  Please visit the “Ask a Question” page by clicking on this link.

You may also ask questions by phone at (949) 837-6000, email at, or mail at P.O. Box 2224, Laguna Hills, CA 92654.  Catholic Questions has also created apps for Android and Apple.

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