About the Author and Owner, Nate Guyear

Nate Guyear returned to Jesus Christ and His one and only Church, the Catholic Church, in 2012 and immediately gravitated toward apologetics. He subsequently completed an M.A. in Theology and a post-Master’s Certificate in Moral Theology. He is excited about sharing his love of God and the truths Jesus Christ’s one and only, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church proclaim.

Nate was born and raised in Tennessee, served ten years in the Air Force and twenty years with the federal government. He and his wife live in California, volunteer as catechists, and bring Communion to the sick.

Nate is a columnist and editor for CatholicStand.com, an e-magazine, and a columnist for Catholic365.com.

Nate Guyear’s Conversion/Reversion Story

Nate Guyear was born in the great state of Tennessee and was baptized in the Catholic Church as an infant.  However, his primary exposure to Christianity was through the Methodist Church.  He joined the Air Force in 1996, and came back to the Catholic Church via RCIA (Communion and Confirmation classes) in 2002.  Unfortunately, Nate’s return to the Church was short lived, as he preferred the world’s delights to God’s truth and love.  

That all changed in January 2012, when Nate experienced what he describes as an invisible hand that reached into his chest and pulled.  The sensation lasted about eleven months.

Immediately, Nate knew he needed to return to the Catholic Church.  Nate began attending Mass every Sunday and some weekdays, went to confession, turned off secular TV and radio programs, and began listening to Catholic radio stations, reading Catholic apologetics/theology material and helping out at his local parish.  

Despite his desire to serve God, however, Nate continued to struggle with personal sin for the next couple of years.  Finally, by God’s grace, Nate moved to Texas, met his wife, and entered into the sacrament of Matrimony in 2015. 

Via the sacramental graces poured out through matrimony, confession and the Eucharist, God has helped Nate resist temptation and continues to create a new man who makes God’s will, truth, and love his priority. 

As a result, Nate pursued and completed an M.A. in Theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, a Post-Master’s Certificate in Moral Theology at Christendom College, teaches apologetics at local parishes, is the Religious Education Coordinator for his parish, and, along with his wife, takes the Eucharist to the sick.

Nate wants everyone to know that God distributes his graces through his holy Catholic Church, Jesus Christ’s true body and bride, which is guided by the Holy Spirit into all truths.  If you want to learn more about Christ and his Church, continue reading the articles on this site and visit the recommended sites listed on the Home Page’s right side.  Please pray for Nate, his family, and for all those who are seeking God.  God bless!