7-Minute Parish Catechesis – Lesson 10b (Covenants Overview Part II)

Davidic Covenant

I will make you a nation of kings

Solomon, Son of David (Jesus, Son of David)

Queen of Israel (1 Kings 2)

Babylonian exile (597-538 BC), dispersion (Jews in Babylon, Egypt, and Judea)

Greece to Rome (330 BC – 63 BC; 63 BC – AD 313)

Jesus born

New Covenant

In Jesus’ blood (the spotless lamb sacrificed for all men)

Jesus is Son of God, God the Son (New or “last” Adam)

Son of David

Born of the Virgin, prototype of the Church

Mary our mother through Christ, fulfilled Eve’s role, did not sin

Must eat Jesus’ flesh and drink his blood for eternal life (Eucharist, Passover, Tree of Life)

Baptism saves us (water washes away evil), brings us into Christ’s body (circumcision of the heart)

Church is Christ’s mystical body on earth

New Israel

Gentiles brought in (faith followed by obedience and love)

12 apostles (11 stayed with God, one left)

Church grows

Has hierarchy (bishops, priests, deacons)

Peter head of Church (Bishop of Rome his successor)


Catholic (of the one, universal), perpetuity

Has Christ’s authority Same Church for 2000 years

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